What Now?

Were you planning to build or renovate but now are not so sure what to do now?

These are definitely uncertain times, no doubt about that and this will continue for a while.

BUT THIS WILL END and when it does there will be some really keen quality builders and sub contractors ready to start.

This will be the time to start your project because:

  1. Builders will be able to pick the best sub contractors at the best price.
  2. Interest rates are low and will remain low for a long time.
  3. The government will want to kick start the economy of which building plays a huge part. So be ready for some great incentives.


  1. If you already have plans start researching suitable builders.
  2. If you don’t have plans a good builder can help you find a quality architect or designer. Then you can get things started.
  3. Don’t waste time doing nothing. When this pandemic is over you should have a head start on the rest of the herd.
Builders in Newfarm
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