Where to Start When Building or Renovating

When it comes to a new custom home or renovation project, the trickiest part is generally aligning your needs and wants with your budget. One of the best ways to ensure your project remains within budget from the very beginning is to engage a builder and an architect or designer early. If you’re working with …

5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

If you’ve grown tired of your home’s look and feel or your family is starting to outgrow your space, a renovation or extension is a great option. Not only will you achieve an updated and modern home, you’ll be able to remain in the area you and your family love. Whether you’re planning on living …

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Should I Build Under, Up or Out?

As local Brisbane builders, we’re often asked by clients about the best and most cost-effective ways to renovate. Essentially, there are four options when it comes to renovating your home – you could build under; build up; build out; or renovate within your existing space. Keep reading to learn more about each option in detail… …


Why Documentation is the Most Important Part of a Build

Here at Eiffe Builders, we believe the most important part of any home build or renovation is documentation. Why? Well, working on the assumption that you have a full set of plans and approvals and have selected an experienced builder who works to a high standard, the next most important part is closing the gap …

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Bulimba Project Now Complete

This contemporary style home shows clean lines and a beautiful light-filled stairwell. A huge thanks to the team at Plank Floors for supplying this beautiful hardwood timber. From this… To this!

200513 Plank 24 Henderson St 022

The Dangers of Price Building

Have you ever heard the term price building? It’s a trick some builders use to draw clients in with cheap, yet unrealistic prices. Those who have fallen victim to price building know – it’s not something you forget quickly. What is price building? Price building happens when costs are added to the base price of …


What ‘The Block’ Gets Wrong

Renovation TV shows like The Block and House Rules are some of Australia’s most popular reality dramas. Jam packed with laughter, tears, tension and drama, the show sees couples forced to create ‘dream’ homes or apartments in a frenzy of demolition and decoration. There are a number of issues with this concept. Building or renovating …


Why 2020 is the perfect time to build

It might seem a strange thing to say given the current climate, but 2020 might be the best time ever to build or renovate. As the world struggles to come to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic, builders and sub-contractors are concerned about work slowing down. But as history has shown us, the best time to …

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What Now?

Were you planning to build or renovate but now are not so sure what to do now? These are definitely uncertain times, no doubt about that and this will continue for a while. BUT THIS WILL END and when it does there will be some really keen quality builders and sub contractors ready to start. …

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New Hampton style home just built at 21 Hillsdale St Morningside

Just completed Hampton style home at Morningside. Five bed, three bath, pool and much more.

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