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Eiffe Builders and design your project as well as build it, but we also undertake just building projects if you have your own design. There are pros and cons to having your builders also be your designers. Off the shelf designs are available and we can work to those but they nearly always need customising to suit not only you, but your budget or even the location. Here at Eiffe we are proud to be able to handle both huge tasks as one company.

Why Use a Design and Construct Company?

The reason is simple. Simplicity itself. It means you are not responsible for dealing two companies who may have no pre existing working relationship with each other. It also means less of your time to manage two companies. Whilst this may seem like putting all your eggs in one basket there really aren’t any downsides. The benefits of using off the shelf plans are to reduce costs which is fine. If you want your own independent designers or architects then that nearly always increases the cost and slows project time and under the worst circumstances can lead to both companies blaming each other over a construction issue.

Benefits of a Design & Construct Builder

  • Accurate quoting
  • Customised designs
  • Less paperwork
  • Streamlined communication
  • Adjustments are quicker
  • Project completion date increased
  • Save your time dealing with just 1 company

Building Design Process

As we are full service builders here at Eiffe, we have built up proven methods and systems used to get things done right, on time and in budget. These range from workflows, software, correct company setup and obviously extensive experience. As part of the design and construct process, we’ll arrange for soil testing, structural engineering, and building approval so that you don’t have to.

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