Sloping Blocks

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Sloping Block Builds

Building on a sloping block is probably the most difficult house build to accomplish. It’s for this reason that many building companies will avoid doing it or won’t do it at all. Eiffe Builders are happy and proud to offer this service as it enhances our reputation as master builders as experience and skill are required to complete a sloping block build.

What a lot of companies will do to avoid this technique is to cut the block so that they can do a single slab on a ground build. What this potentially means for you is that the view from your kitchen for example, is straight on to a concrete retaining wall leaving no view. We have completed over 30 sloping block designs across Brisbane and with some imagination, it can be amazing what you can achieve.

Sloping Block House Designs

Off the shelf house designs are generally designed for flat land, but here at Eiffe, our team of builders will work with you (or architects) to customise a design that actually takes advantage of the natural slope of the land and the benefits it possess.

Each slope or piece of land will be unique and so will your house. Rather than a restriction, custom designing a sloping build will actually give you more options when blending the structure with the environment and encompassing the views etc.

Sloping Build Considerations

Whilst a sloping build will give you the option of blending the design and construction around the land, there are also some extra considerations to factor. These will have to be considered as they can affect timescales, budgets and some design aspects.

Things like soil drainage, access and view all have to be factored in. Luckily our vast experience in these matters means we can guide you on the best possible solution.

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