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House & Home Extensions in Brisbane

If you live in Brisbane and have outgrown your home but don’t want or can’t afford to move, an extension is the natural choice. Not only will it solve your space and living problem, but it will also add value to your property.

There are many different types of extension and many exciting options to consider once you have chosen to stay put and keep all the benefits you have of your current location.

Common Types of House Extension:

Single Storey Extensions

This is the least expensive and most common house extension. This involves building a single story room or rooms onto the side or back of the property. These are fairly simple projects that also have less impact on you whilst in process. Single storey extensions can have a huge positive impact on your home and the way you live in it.

Second Storey Extensions

If your footprint doesn’t allow for the lateral extension you require, then going up is the solution. We can help with all aspects of this more complicated extension including permits and paperwork as well as design options as obviously a second storey extension is a more costly and complex option.

Double or Multi Storey Extensions

These types of renovation are obviously the most complicated as they include both aspects mentioned above, but come with the added benefit of more design choice and increased benefits once complete. Again, we will help with all planning requirements from the local council and all the design choices you may have whilst achieving your goals.

Lift & Build Under

Certain houses have opportunities to increase your living space by building or extending beneath them like Queenslander or pole homes. In some cases, the whole house requires a lift to get the height necessary for the extension. Again, this option has its own benefits and restrictions which we will fully discuss with you. Whatever option you choose, you can guarantee that Eiffe Builders are the ones to trust.

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