Why Documentation is the Most Important Part of a Build

Here at Eiffe Builders, we believe the most important part of any home build or renovation is documentation. Why?

Well, working on the assumption that you have a full set of plans and approvals and have selected an experienced builder who works to a high standard, the next most important part is closing the gap between what you expect and what the builder thinks they should do.

Closing this gap is essential to a healthy client/builder relationship and can only be done by documenting as much as possible – from the level of finishes expected to project timelines and payment schedules. As an expert in the field, this is primarily the responsibility of the builder.

What’s in a quote?

When a client receives a quote from a builder, this will likely include many technical terms or construction jargon that a client, understandably, may not understand. Many clients report feeling extremely overwhelmed by this information. It is a builder’s job to go through a quote in detail with a client and explain the information in each section, even if questions have not been asked.

What is the client’s responsibility?

A client has a responsibility to relay to the builder what they expect in all aspects of their project. One of the bests ways to illustrate this point is through prime cost and provisional sum allowances. Often these estimates are used in place of exact quotes where the cost of materials, labour or installation cannot be provided at the time of quoting.

Say, for example, your builder uses a provisional sum for the supply and installation of cabinetry. This can be one of the biggest outlays on a job, so if an allowance has been used in place of an exact figure, the builder should try their best to make this as accurate as possible.

Sometimes, less trustworthy builders will put in low allowances for things like cabinetry, to win a job as this makes their quote look lower. However, when it becomes apparent to the client that this will not cover what they want, the arguments begin. And understandably so.

This is why it’s integral for builder and client to always be on the same page. Questions should be answered early and processes explained before they are started. Clients should be honest with their expectations, budget and level of finishes from the start and most importantly should put this down on paper.

Communication and proper documentation are key to a successful build that makes both builder and client proud.

To find out more about the importance of communication and documentation in the building process, get in touch with the team at Eiffe Builders today!

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